About Me

DJ Marty Geez, a Southwest Philadelphia native was influenced by music as a small child; therefore DJ’ing was only a natural thing for him to do. Realizing how much music has an effect on people and how much control the DJ has over their crowd to make people move at will, made his dream turn into his destiny. His father Mystro Marty and uncle Grand Master Hank were popular DJ’s when he was growing up, serving as a constant inspiration. More popular DJ’s including Grand Master Flash, Funk Master Flex, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and DJ AM also encouraged him to turn his dream into a career.


After hosting and spinning at some of Philadelphia’s biggest events for the likes of Jay Z and Kanye West, Dougie Fresh,Young Jeezy, Lil Kim, Beanie Sigel, Jadakiss, DMX, Will Smith, and Charlie Mack just to name a few, DJ Marty Geez became well known amongst promoters and club owners. With a booking list for the past several years including just about every club in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas, DJ Marty Geez has become one the most sought after DJ’s in Philadelphia. This recognition has brought him a tremendous amount of opportunities and led to a national and international fan base which allows him to travel and perform at venues, events and universities across the globe.

Dj Marty Geez currently co-hosts “The Science Lab of Grand Hank”, a live television show that reaches more than one million viewers.

For booking information please contact:

DJ Marty Geez

Phone: 215-783-9709
Email: djmartygeez@gmail.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/djmartygeez

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